Thursday, June 05, 2014

Bras for a Cause

Last evening my friend Joe P went with me to the Bras for a Cause, a charity event for the DE Breast Cancer Coalition.

Bra sponsors come up with a concept or theme for their bra, decorate the bra and associated costume, and then get a male to model the bra at the event, where models get tips from attendees and then the bras are auctioned off.  Click here to read about my real estate team's participation in 2012.

Our team participated again this year, and our theme was A Midsummer Night's Dreamboat.  Here is my colleague and our model Garrett.  This photo doesn't do his bra/costume justice.  Our colleague Erin used artificial ivy vines, peacock feathers, and rhinestones to cover the bra.  She ordered a tutu in peacock colors, and created a wreath for his head.  She even used liquid eyeliner to draw scrolls near his eyes and pasted rhinestones onto the scrolls.  She really did a great job.

Garrett did a great job working the crowd for tips, which wasn't easy for him since he is naturally introverted.  Maybe wearing the bra/costume made it easier because he could pretend to be someone else.

Other bra models were also working the crowd for tips, including this 'devil' of a man.  Check out that bicep!

He was very friendly and chatted with me and Joe P for awhile.  He offered to pose with us for a photo.  How could we say no?
It was a really fun event which raises money in a fun way for a worthy cause.


anne marie in philly said...

OMB, your co-worker is HAWT!

smooches to joe p, who looks as fine as ever!

and YOU...well, you KNOW that you are FABULOUS!

MAC said...

I love the idea! What a great way to raise money for a worthy cause and have a blast at the same time. We can't forget the eye candy... YUM!!!

Ur-spo said...

I have never worn one, but if it raised money I would don one.