Friday, June 06, 2014

Bargain hunting

I am definitely NOT a clothes snob.  I don't need designer labels or embroidered logos.  $78 for a long sleeve shirt is too much for me.  I usually buy and wear clothes from Old Navy and The Gap outlet stores.

But once in a while I treat myself to some really well-made clothing when I can get a good deal on it. Yesterday I visited the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet store with a Friends & Family 30% off coupon and looked at the sale items and clearance racks to maximize the value.  (The 30% off coupon is good on ALL merchandise, regardless of whether or not its on sale or clearance.)

I ended up with 2 long sleeve shirts (I'll put away until fall) and 3 short sleeve shirts and a belt (not pictured).
The OUTLET price (not the retail price) for all 6 items was $334.  Since the items were all on sale and then they applied the 30% off coupon, my total was $139.  That's right - I saved almost $200 by spending $139! 

As if that wasn't enough, I stopped in at a used furniture and furnishings store afterward (it was my day off), where I saw these 2 Ty Wilson framed posters (circa early 1990s) for $130 for the pair.

I liked the size and the simplicity of the pair, and thought they'd look terrific in the guest room we are going to redecorate in the Hollywood Regency style.  I snapped these photo and texted them to Spouse.  He agreed that $130 was too much.  I offered to see if the vendor would negotiate on them, especially if they've been there awhile.  The result was $80 for the pair, so I bought them!

It was a banner day for bargain hunting!


anne marie in philly said...

you will look SMASHING in those shirts!

the cajun said...

Great shirts! With your coloring, those plaids will look great on you. Great Summer Shirts!!! Wear them in good health

cb said...

i do like the ty pieces!