Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vacation redux - part 4

We decided Wed would be our 'stay at the house' day.  For some of us that meant sunbathing on the rooftop deck, while for others it meant reading in the shade, and for all of us it meant enjoying our lovely, refreshing pool.
Our private pool with stone waterfall

Since the description of the house included the indoor/outdoor sound system with iPod hook-up, The Newlyweds brought their iPod and we enjoyed hours and hours of terrific music this day and other days of the vacation.
Lounging by the pool
On Mon or Tues night while sitting out on the patio at night we saw an unknown animal scamper across the patio.  This wasn't entirely surprising since our house was built into the side of a mountain surrounded by jungle.  But on Wed we figured out what that unknown animal was:  an iguana.  Most of the time he hung out at the edge of the roof, underneath a clay tile.  Other times we saw him sunning himself on top of the clay tiles.  I named him Gary the Iguana.
Gary's tail hanging off the roof
Gary sliding back underneath the clay tile
It was a wonderfully relaxing day of sun, shade, music, conversation, reading, napping, guacamole, Sole beer, sightings of Gary the Iguana, watching beautiful birds, and enjoying the break from our regular routines.

We decided to head into PV for dinner and wound up at Fajita Republic.  As usual, we ate outside on the patio so we could enjoy the breezes, sights, and sounds of downtown.  For some reason I could not remember the correct name of this restaurant to save my life.  I kept calling it Fajita Revolution or Fajita Nation - I don't know why.  The food was great and we had a great time.

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anne marie in philly said...

"we enjoyed hours and hours of terrific music" - and I BET you sang along and there was dancing too!

my sister had an iguana as a pet back in the early 70s; she named him mortimer. he was a cute little guy!