Monday, February 25, 2013

Vacation redux - part 1

To say 'we had a wonderful time' would be an understatement.  We truly had a fantastic trip!!!

Our 1st flight was from Philadelphia to Phoenix where we had a layover of nearly 2 hours.  This was great because it gave us enough time to eat lunch.  We sat down in this BBQ joint Spouse agreed to watch the bags while I went to the bathroom.  When I returned he told me he'd ordered our drinks.  Then I watched the bags while he went to the bathroom.  

The waiter who brought our drinks was slender and obviously gay.  I don't mean that in a negative way; I'm just saying his lisp had a lisp.  After setting the sodas on the table he asked me "Do you want me to give you a few minutes so you two can canoodle over the menu?"

Yes, he said "canoodle".

Without sounding tickled I told him we'd already looked at the menu and I was ready to order for both of us.

"Thuper!" was his response as he pulled out his pen and pad and wrote it down.  Then he sashayed off and a few seconds later Spouse came back.

"I just ordered from the gayest man in all of Arizona, I'm sure" I told him with a chuckle, and then I told him about using the word "canoodle".  He was a great waiter and was very nice and pleasant.

Several hours later we arrived at the airport in Puerto Vallarta (PV) and made our way to the car rental area where we met up with our dear friends The Newlyweds who'd arrived from Portland just a few minutes ahead of us.  We tossed our gear into the trunk of the Nissan Tiida (identical looking to the Versa but with no airbags or center rear tail light) and headed toward downtown.

We opted not to stay in a hotel or condo in downtown PV.  Our internet research indicated that our $$ would go further staying outside of town and since we had a car that would not be an issue.  We also heard that it can be quite noisy at night in PV and we wanted the option for peace and quiet at night.  So we selected a mountainside villa with more bedrooms and bathrooms than we needed, a full kitchen so we could have breakfast and snacks at home, and our very own private pool.  The villa was in Mismaloya, about 15 minutes south of PV.

Following our directions we turned off the main road at the base of the mountain and then began driving up the VERY steep mountain streets until we found the villa.  One of its owners, Angela, and her friend were there to greet us.  Angela gave us a full tour of the home, showed us where to find everything from matches to beach blankets to the password for the wifi.  Then she and her friend pulled out a bowl of homemade guacamole with chips, a quesadilla, a garden salad with homemade dressing, and fried bananas with caramel drizzle.  We were each handed a cold Corona and welcomed to our vacation!

The home was perfect.  Terra cotta tile floors, Mexican painted tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, a brick rotunda over the living room, private balconies off each bedroom, gorgeous views of the water, and the peaceful sounds of the jungle.  The home was literally surrounded by lush trees and vegetation and was completely private.  Our intent was to drive back into PV for dinner but instead we just ate the wonderful 'snack' Angela had prepared and sat outside on the huge terrace until well after dark.  It was wonderful to relax in such beauty with our dear friends.
The view from our patio/pool area

Our pool, outdoor dining table, outdoor bar/outdoor kitchen

The brick rotunda ceiling in the living room

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anne marie in philly said...

dayum! lovely residence for your vacation!