Monday, February 04, 2013

Polar Bear Plunge

Yesterday was the 22nd annual Polar Bear Plunge, and for the 9th year in a row our friends Kerry & Hugh came with several of our friends to participate.

Along with Kerry & Hugh were George, Javier, Ana, Allison, Gabe, and Antonio.  They arrived shortly before I can home from work at 5pm and we visited until about 6:30 before heading out to dinner.  While at dinner it started snowing - just what folks preparing for a plunge into the ocean wanted to see!

After dinner we came home and watched an old made-for-TV movie called "Bad Ronald" for which Kerry has held a fascination for years.  It was kind of silly but we had fun anyway.  Afterward we just sat around and talked and laughed until it was time for bed.

Sun morning we had bagels and coffee and talked and laughed until it was time for the plunge.  Kerry, Hugh, Javier, Gabe, and Antonio bravely ran into the 33 degree ocean (the air temperature was 36 degrees) while the rest of us watched, took photos, and filmed it with Kerry's mini-cam.  The water was so cold that Hugh said it felt as if they were walking on broken glass and nails.  Fortunately we brought thermoses of hot water to pour over their frozen feet.

After returning to the house, the Plungers showered and we all went for a late lunch.  Interesting sidenote: the restaurant was almost full of Ravens fans dressed in purple jerseys but it wasn't very noisy.  Then I realized why.  The purple clad football fans were deaf.  

All too quickly it was time for our friends to pack up and head back to VA.  It was a fun weekend spent with our dear friends.

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