Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday I was off work and took some time to prepare Big Ella for this weekend's big car show.

I belong to the Straight Eights (mid-Atlantic) chapter of the Lambda Car Club International, an international gay club for car enthusiasts and each year our chapter hosts "Beach Ball", a member car show here at the beach that is open to the public.  In addition, this year our chapter is hosting the Grand Invitational so we are expecting gay car enthusiasts from all over the US!

You can read about my participation in some past Beach Balls and see photos of fabulous flivvers in past blog posts here and here.

Today I polished up Big Ella's chrome, wiped away and spots or smudges, and took her out on the road for some exercise.  Bug Big Ella was acting a big strange today, occasionally coughing and stalling out.  I called my mechanic and he suggested her gasoline may have gotten some condensation in it since I hadn't driven her in a few weeks.  (I've been very busy and it seems like the times I had available to drive her it was either too hot or it rained.)  He suggested filling the tank with gas and lead substitute and driving her around.

So I'm looking forward to showing off Big Ella and seeing all the other awesome autos in Saturday's big car show!

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