Thursday, September 13, 2012


OK - I admit it.  I've been busted.
My work and personal life have been SOOO busy that I have not been able to keep up with my blog.  For several years now I've been posting once daily Mon-Fri but lately I've gotten very behind.

So I've been creating posts and back-dating them so my blog shows no gaps in posts, and a couple of you readers busted me.  Apparently you have alerts that notify you when post and you catch my back-dating.

I know, its kind of like cheating, but I didn't know what else to do.  I don't want to have a gap of several days (or several weeks!) on my blog.  I know this hectic pace won't last forever so I will eventually be able to catch back up and post in 'real time'.

So forgive me for being shady and back-dating my posts.  I promise to try and do better!

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behrmark said...

As I told you, didn't mean to bust you; I thought MY blogger was doing something funky!