Monday, September 24, 2012

Not according to plan

After attending the car club's meet-n-greet Fri night I was all ready for the big car show Sat morning.  Unfortunately Big Ella was not.

After numerous attempts, I just could not get Big Ella to run.  She would start up but then conk out a few seconds later.  I tried everything I could think of and Spouse even ran out to the auto parts store for some carburetor cleaner, bless his heart, but it did not remedy the trouble.  I resigned myself to the fact that Big Ella was not going to make it to the car show.

At first I was completely pissed off and utterly disappointed.  I wait all year long for this car show and she chooses this day to act up.  But after a few minutes I decided to heed the advice I would give to Spouse if it were him that was pissed off and disappointed.  

Don't let this disappointment ruin the entire day.  You can still attend the car show and look at all the fantastic cars.  The day does not have to be a total loss.

So that is what we did.  Spouse & I met up with Jack & Alisha, Steve & Thad, and 1 of the Bobs at the car show and really enjoyed ourselves.  There were lots of new cars I'd not seen at previous shows.  And the weather was nice and warm and sunny, unlike last year which rained out the car show.  In fact, it was such a beautiful day that after we finished at the car show we grabbed a quick lunch and then went to beach for the rest of the afternoon!

That night I attended the cocktail hour followed by the dinner and awards banquet.  It was a lot of fun!

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