Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend highlights

On Fri early afternoon Ron & James and Mike & Clark (hereto described as 'the guys' in this post) arrived in town and took advantage of our lovely tax-free outlet and factory store shopping.  This is a ritual for them, and works well with our schedules since Spouse & I usually work til about 5.  The house cleaners were not finished at 5 so I called Spouse and told him to meet me and the guys at Fish On! for happy hour.  We had cocktails and shared a couple appetizers and chatted for a while.  Once we were pretty sure the house cleaners were gone we continued talking at home.  That night the guys selected Rigby's as their choice for dinner.  We'd eaten there a year or so ago and they liked it.  Plus, its location offers free parking which is hard to come by in the middle of summer in a beach resort town.  We had a great dinner and decided to have a boardwalk ice cream and people-watch for a few minutes.  Upon returning home we continued to catch up on the goings on in each others' lives.  Although they only come to visit once a year and we only see them 2-3 times a year, we always seem to just pick right up where we left off which is the sign of good friends.

I planned not to work on Sat & Sun so I was there with everyone Sat morning for coffee and continued conversation.  Later breakfast Spouse made breakfast for everyone.  Although I was off, I did agree to meet clients for 30 minutes nearby to look at a building lot.  While I did that the guys slipped out for a little more shopping.  3 of them came home with new digital cameras!  The latter part of the afternoon found some napping, some computing, and others just relaxing.  That evening we enjoyed and old cocktail favorite:  Champagne Darlings.  So easy to make, so delicious, and so refreshing in the summertime.  Then we headed off for dinner at Ivy.  It took some convincing beforehand to get them to agree to the 'small bite' dinner concept but once they tasted the food and saw the sunset on the bay view, they understood why we'd recommended it.  After dinner we headed into town for the Legends show.  I performed as Elton John and it was fun to see my friends there in the front row.

Sun after coffee and conversation we had breakfast at Ocean Point Grill.  The guys had packed their car beforehand and left directly from the restaurant.  Spouse & I hung out at home for a while, then met up with Steven and Dennis & Rasaahn for dinner.  

We had a great weekend with our friends!

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Victor said...

Champagne Darlings sound interesting. I hadn't heard of that before.