Monday, April 09, 2012

Weekend highlights

After my client appointments on Sat I left the office early so Spouse & I could drive back to VA for the Easter weekend.

We arrived at 5:30 and visited with Spouse's mom and sister and her kids for awhile.  His sister and the kids went to church that evening and Spouse's mom went with us to dinner at Taco House (aka Cantina Mexicana).  
OMG, the food was SOOOO good!  Its a good thing we can't eat there regularly or I would be huge.  It was a mild evening so some people were eating on the patio, but since we had Spouse's mom with us and she's always chilly we ate indoors.  Gloria & Juan (the proprietors and our friends) greeted us like family and it was truly good to see them.  It occurred to me while we were there so I said it outloud to Spouse and his mother that I loved Taco House not just for the wonderful food, but also for the wonderful energy there.  The restaurant is bright and colorful but still cozy.  I always feel happy and positive there.  Once we returned home we watched a little TV and went to bed.

Sun morning while Spouse's mom was at church, Spouse & I went to Trader Joe's, World Market, and Panera.  We joked that the owners of TJMax and World Market were "good Christians" because they weren't open on Easter Sunday, while the owners of Trader Joe's, World Market, and Panera must be Muslims.  Later on I picked up my aunt Mary and brought her back to Joe's mom's house and we visited for a while before going over to Spouse's brother's house for Easter.  Most of the extended family was there with a few exceptions and we had a great time.  The weather was mild so we were able to sit out on the new screened porch and on the patio below.  The kids played badminton and volleyball in the yard.  We had fantastic food (as usual) and enjoyed a nice family holiday with no drama.  We took my aunt Mary home and then headed back to DE.

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