Thursday, April 12, 2012

Double duty

Tonight Spouse & I had what we call "double duty".  That's when we agree to 2 social events back-to-back on the same night.

Right after work we met up with Christy, Ted, Bethani, and Amy Saketumi for Happy Hour.  I had a cosmo and 2 small sushi rolls which I shared with Spouse.  I love the great Happy Hour deals at Saketumi and the food is always great.  Our good friend Kim who is the manager was there and stopped over to visit with us.

Then we drove up the street for dinner with Steven & Thad and Joe P. at Ocean Point Grill.  Since we didn't see them over the weekend (due to being away for Easter) we accepted their invite to dinner even though we'd already agreed to Happy Hour.  It was nice to see them and although Spouse & I weren't very hungry we ordered anyway and simply took our left-overs home.  I ate mine the next day for lunch.

Double duty is fun and gives me a cosmopolitan feeling.  I imagine that's how people in Manhattan live.  After work they meet friends for happy hour, then meet up with their bestie for dinner and gossip, then take the train home to their apt in the burrows.

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anne marie in philly said...

ummmmmmm, cosmo...saketumi...(slobbers like homer simpson)