Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miss Richfield 1981 returns

Last night we had the pleasure of attending Miss Richfield 1981's show at the Blue Moon.

Originally Spouse & I planned to go with Steven & Thad and Joe P, but Spouse came down with a 24-hour bug and wasn't able to go.

This was 'dinner and show', so we started with cocktails and appetizers. I chose a Cosmo and the fried green tomato appetizer which were both delicious. Then I had the seared prime beef Belvedere with sauteed mushrooms and fried fingerling potatoes - yummy! For dessert I had the chocolate pie.

After dinner Miss Richfield 1981 began her hilarious show! Here she is with one of the guests.Here is Miss Richfield 1981 playing the hand saw, a talent that helped her win the Miss Richfield contest in 1981!
Here's Miss Richfield with Joe P.

We had a fantastic meal, a fantastic show, and fantastic evening!

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Ron said...

You'll have to do a short video of Miss Richfield next time. Looks like fun.