Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bad taste

You already know that I've written before about my dislike of rushing the holidays. You know, Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween, bathing suits in stores in January, that kind of thing. I just think we should decorate, dress, and enjoy 1 holiday at a time.

But as much as rushing the holidays annoys me, the opposite is just as offensive. Today I drove by a house that had a Christmas wreath on the door and a jack-o-lantern flag sticking up from the flower bed.
I had a rather strong reaction to this holiday tragedy and needed to pull over in order to collect myself.

I mean, wouldn't you think they would remove the Halloween flag when they put the Christmas wreath up? Don't most people store their holiday decorations in the same place? It just seems so logical to put away the Halloween flag at the same time you're getting out the Christmas wreath.

And what happened to Thanksgiving? Is there some reason why the Pilgrim, turkey, or cornucopia decorations were skipped altogether?

Sadly it appears there's just no accounting for taste these days.

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