Thursday, October 14, 2010


As the reality of my imminent unemployment sinks in, I'm trying hard to stay calm and not panic. Fear and panic can lead to paralysis which will result in accomplishing nothing. So instead I am trying to choose action.

I made my list of things to do and am working on accomplishing them and scratching them off my list. It feels good to accomplish things, even things that aren't directly related to my preparation to be laid off and search for new work.

I have been doing a LOT of thinking. Most people feel more safe with the familiar, so one of my tasks is to update my resume and look for jobs in the same industry, returning to what is familiar to me. But another part of me wants to break out and do something different. I have some ideas of different things to do but they are not 'familiar' so they are much less 'safe'.

So I decided to do both. I'm going to look for similar jobs in the same industry AND research the opportunities for doing something completely different. If only it were as easy as simply deciding what I want to do! But the reality is that I must also do my best to meet my financial obligations, which makes it scary to pursue something different, uncertain, and unfamiliar.

I will gladly and gratefully accept all amounts (small and large) of optimism and positive energy directed my way!

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Breenlantern said...

At the risk of feeding into any negative thoughts, I would be terrified if this were me, and all my fears of being poor or struggling for money would come bubbling to the surface. However, much like you, I would struggle to be practical about it, accept that it is happening and take whatever measures I needed to survive it. You sound like you are handling this as well as you possibly can and I have no doubt you two will weather this storm admirably. I would suggest listing and discontinuing all the non-essential expenditures and go into "substance" spending for the duration until you are more sure about what your financial future holds. Hopefully, you will find something great (or at least with an acceptable salary)soon and won't have to give up too much. Good luck and keep us posted. ;-)

Bob said...

I am a firm believer in staying in the positive, so I see good things ahead.
Maybe not right this instant, but in the long run.
You put out good, and you get good back.

A Lewis said...

I like you. I always have. For your "action" combined with good, solid positive energy. You'll be fine. Continued good thoughts are all yours!

anne marie in philly said...

spouse is doing the same thing...we are both trying to stay positive on the job front.

we are rowing the boat with you and joe!

Victor said...

I'm sorry to read this news. Lots of luck for your future endeavours but I'm sure you won't need luck.


Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping you find another job soon. I'm not sure what your skill set is but the company I work for is hiring like crazy.

We're located in Providence, Atlanta, Chicago, and Myrtle Beach but with lots of telecommuter employees.

I think you have a customer service background. Shoot me your resume.