Thursday, March 18, 2010


Its sunny, warm, and beautiful today! The college kids renting the house across the street for Spring Break are laying on a blanket in their bathing suits sunbathing. WTF? Personally I think 65 degrees is still a little chilly for sunbathing, but what can you do? They're college kids!

Thought I'd share some photos that made me think: WTF??? (Click to enlarge them!)
OK, this one made me laugh out loud! Notice how Granny is prepared to hurl, with a trashcan between her feet. But what's up with those shiny stockings? I love how the lady in the middle strikes a pose. The guy is obviously wasted. Look at those eyes!

Do you suppose this guy chose this design because he's Greek? I'm giving him an A for execution, and a C- for originality.

This is my favorite! Junior is totally rockin' out with that guitar, shirtless naturally, while Pops decides to drop trou in front of his wife and mother. God bless America!!

Just above the word 'Snugglers' on this child's toy it reads: Stuff -> Hug -> Play. Exactly what kind of 'play' are they suggesting with this sex doll? And why is it being marketed to kids? WTF?

Look how giddy Grandma gets when she's packin'! The look on her face suggests she's been keeping a list of people to "visit" with her gun. Her grandson's pose confuses me. WTF?

Now THAT'S hot! A hairy dude in his bikini briefs, seductively posing with his guitars and ammo on a twin-size bed. RRAARRRRRR!

Oh dear god, I'm not sure where to begin with this one. Let's start with the fact that she's an amputee wearing a t-shirt that jokes about handicap parking. Throw in the single, hot pink gorilla boot on her (only) foot. If that weren't enough, there's a horse peaking out of a cellar at her! WTF?

Really? Would you give your MOM condoms? With love? That's just creepy.

Speaking of creepy, whose idea was it to create baby dolls you can shave? I mean, babies don't have... never mind. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Its cold. There's snow on the ground. The men are bundled up tight. Yet, there's a pregnant woman in a bikini (WTF?) dousing herself with a bucket of water. WTF?

How much do you really, REALLY not want to get a job to do this to your face?

OK, making out in a car. We've all done it, right? But having sex in the front seat while your child is in the backseat? That's just plain tacky. No two ways about it.

One can only hope these two were the winners of "school spirit day" because there is no other explanation for dressing like this. None.

Feel free to come up with your OWN stories about these photos, and post them in the comments.

Crush du Jour: Timothy Olyphant


anne marie in philly said...

reminds me of the "people of walmart" photos...

thanks for the laugh at the end of a rough day, mark!

The Cool Cookie said...

Oh my God that first picture reminds me of my family!

Anonymous said...

The People of Walmart photos are a hoot too. But these made me laugh. Particularly if I had to chose just one, it'd be the "For Mom with Love" display of condoms.

Mechadude2001 said...

Very bizarre pics. My faves, the amputee chick (reminds me of an Amy Poelher skit on SNL) and the Superman Blowjob Toy.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just, wow.

Cubby said...

I'd love to comment, but can't come up with anything funnier than what you already wrote! I love the one-legged girl :-)

Victor said...

wtf indeed and then a perfect finish with the photo of the delicious Timothy Olyphant.

dog said...


cb said...

Those are awesome photos!!

Must. Have. Stuff n Hug!

Java said...

One of my favorite hot mens, Timothy Olyphant! I'm thrilled.

The shiny stockings on Grandma in the barf picture are some kind of support hose, used to improve circulation in the legs. About the hurling, though, I have no idea.

What is the deal with BJ Superman? Aside from the obvious, what is that mouth designed for?

I like the shirt on the legless girl. The horse in the hole in the ground looks like a photo shop job, though.

I got really hot when I was pregnant. But not that hot.

Mr. Skull Face has teeth tattooed onto his lips. You know that had to hurt!

It's difficult to have sex in a small car like that. Glad I don't have to do that anymore. But the kid??? Yeah, WTF.

Kyle Leach said...

Mark, I'm not sure whether I should be scared, mystified, or just laugh until my guts fall out. :)