Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I'm a little behind in my blog reading so forgive me if I'm sharing something everyone else has already seen. My friend Bob sent me this video of Ellen DeGeneres singing with Jennifer Hudson in the bathroom, and I thought it was GREAT! Apparently Ellen has a "bathroom concert series".

You GO, Ellen! I've always been a fan of Ellen, starting with her stand-up routines and her TV show where she owned the bookstore. I thought she was courageous for coming out, and for using her celebrity for good and not evil. But even if I'd not loved her before, this video will make you crack up and fall in love with her.

If you're interested in seeing who else Ellen's been singing in the bathroom with, click here.

Crush du Jour: Joseph Sayers


Bob said...

I've always loved Ellen, no matter what she did, TV comedy, standup, guest shot, talk show.
She just seems "real."

That said, why did I put real in quotations? It seems somehow less "real."

Oh gosh, I did it again! =)

Brettcajun said...

I haven't seen this video, so thanks for sharing!

Rick said...

I had not seen it either. Thanks.
And I LOVE Joseph Sayers. That lil fella could sit on my lap all day. :)