Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We have been experiencing the most AMAZING weather! Its hard to believe its mid-late July. On Fri it was in the upper 70s, sunny, and very low humidity. We turned the a/c off and opened the windows.

The floral arrangement I'd designed and ordered was delivered to Spouse's office and he really like it. Fri evening we met Rick & Nick (and a few other friends) for dinner. Instead of my original plan for birthday candles in individual desserts for Spouse's birthday, Rick & Nick offered to pick up a cake and secretly brought it into the restaurant when he wasn't looking. I brought glitter-y candles, which I secretly slipped to Rick under the table. When we'd finished our meal, all of the wait staff came out singing 'Happy Birthday' and placed the cake in front of Spouse. It wasn't too much of being the center of attention, which he doesn't like.

Sat morning we made our weekly pilgrimage to the Lewes farmers market, then had bagels and coffee for breakfast on the screened porch. Jordan and Pouncer enjoyed being on the screened porch with me while I read a magazine. In the afternoon Spouse & I went to the beach. It was magnificent! Then we showered, had a quick dinner at home, and headed into Rehoboth for the Follies.

Our original plan was to have dinner out and then go see 'Hairspray', but Rick & Nick gave us their complimentary tickets to the Follies since they were unable to go. The Follies is a fundraiser where local groups of friends or business associates put on skits and are judged. We attended 2 years ago and it was pretty amusing, but this year's was really bad. You'd think with a bunch of gay men involved, the singing would be great, the costumes would be fabulous and the production would be tight - but no. We decided to leave during the intermission.

It was such a gorgeous night that we walked down to the boardwalk, ran into some neighbors, and then walked back to the car. What a dreamy night for a ride with the top down. We watched a Netflix DVD when we got home, and went to bed at 1:00 am. It was great to feel the breeze from the open windows while we slept.

Sun morning we slept until 11:00 am! After a quick breakfast we began cleaning the house, then we met Rick & Nick at the beach for another magnificent day. Sun night we met up with Doug & Jim, our friends from VA who were vacationing in Rehoboth this week, for drinks at Aqua and dinner at Fusion. As usual, the downtown Rehoboth restaurant was much like the others we've tried: very expensive and mediocre food. But we had a nice time with our friends. On Tues we're going to pick them up in the convertible and ride out to Oak Orchard to eat at Serendipity, which backs to the Indian River. What a gorgeous view! And unlike all those downtown Rehoboth restaurants, Serendipity has delicious food at reasonable prices.

Drag Queen name of the day: Callie Fornia

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