Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More updates

Mon morning the paint crew arrived and immediately got to work. I had a conversation with the foreman/owner about the paint colors, areas to be done, etc. Before I left the house, the team of 3 guys were already busy sanding the trim in the guest bedroom.

After I left the locksmith arrived to fix the deadbolt locks on the front door and back door. A key had broken off inside of the front door's lock, and despite completely removing the lock I could not get the broken key out. The locksmith was able to do so in a few seconds, according to Joe. I'm sure it was because of some special tool! The deadbolt on the back door would not engage/disengage smoothly. Sometimes it wouldn't lock at all. The locksmith was able to fix that as well.

Around 2pm the roof guys showed up. However, they realized they were missing the correct color shingles so they promised to return on Tues.

I took a little extra time during my lunch break for a trip to Target. I had a gift card I'd saved from Christmas, and decided I would use it to pick up some necessities and accessories. I got some hand towels, bathroom accessories, bed frame risers (to raise the height of a low bed), and a gorgeous beaded pillow for our bedroom. I'll need to try another Target to (hopefully) find the window valances and assorted decorative soaps.

When I got home Mon evening the guest bedroom was a lovely shade of 'Lighter Mint'. We had first selected 'Mint', but then decided that 'Lighter Mint' would give the room a more airy feeling. All the trim had been primed in that room too. Also a 2nd coat of 'Baked Clay' had been applied in the main floor hallway and some of the trim had been primed. The top layer of wallpaper had been removed from the dining room.

When I got home this evening I found the guest bedroom's trim was all painted white. That room was done. The trim in the main level hallway was all primed and most of it painted white. The trim in the upper level hallway had been primed and painted white, and the walls painted 'Safari Tan'. They'd started going down the stairway walls with the 'Safari Tan' but ran out of paint. Joe will need to grab another gallon tomorrow morning when Duron opens. The dining room's wallpaper backing had been removed, some drywall repairs done, and a coat of primer applied. I believe the painters will finish tomorrow. Hallelujah!

I had washed the linens for the guest bedroom, so I decided to stage the room tonight since there would be no more work going on in there. I elevated the bed using the bed frame risers, and then made the bed up with all the mix and match pillows. I added the two non-matching side tables I'd purchased last week at Ikea, as well as a little table with two painted chairs. It looks super!

The roof guys returned today to repair the roof leak, replace some shingles, replace the chimney pipe collars, and replace the skylight and seal. I didn't even realize they were replacing the skylight; I thought they were just replacing the seal. Guess that turned out to be a better value than I'd thought.

I am SO ready for a vacation. And payday.

Drag Queen name of the day: Candy Kane

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Bugsy said...

Wow! A house make over I can hardly wait to see it. You make redecorating and remodeling sound like lots of fun!