Thursday, August 24, 2006

The letter

Yesterday when I got home from work I looked through the mail as I always do when I get home. I was surprised to see a letter from Mrs. Daisey, the seller of the "water house". After my initial surprise, I realized that I wasn't really surprised. In fact, it almost seemed like I'd been waiting for word from her. Handwritten, this is what the letter said:

"Dear Mark and Joseph,

Thank you for your gracious letter. Sorry your contract did not survive, as I know you would have tended the house with lots of loving care.

I was beginning to think I was not going to get any offers, and suddenly 3 contracts came in Sat. I have many regrets about leaving my house as I have thoroughly enjoyed my 26 years here. I just thought I should down-size while I can make decisions on my own and get rid of a lot of stuff instead of leaving that job to my daughter. I am sure I can survive without all the stuff, but was sorry to part with it. Hope you enjoy your carnival glass bowl.

Good luck with your new job and hopefully you will find just the right house in Rehoboth.

Best Wishes,

Norma Daisey"

Now that's a classy lady. I was really touched that she took the time to sit down and hand-write this letter to us. She could have simply thought to herself "They were nice guys and I'm sorry they weren't the highest bidders," and gone on about her business.

Prior to getting her letter, I had been thinking about sending her a little note to say something like 'Congratulations on getting 3 contracts on your house. Although we are disappointed our contract wasn't the one selected, we wish you the best and are happy you got the most money for your home.' But before I could do so, her letter arrived. Now I'm wondering if I should still send the note, or, just try and move on. I must admit that I am more disappointed than I thought I would be about losing that house. I was really 'blue' all day on Mon. Hopefully some other property will come along that gets me excited again.

Drag Queen name of the day: Gerri Attrick


Bugsy said...

Don't worry the blue feeling will pass! That happened to me when we put a bid on a condo. I didn't realize how much I liked it until we lost the bid!

Cheer up! I just know you guys will find something just as good!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you lost the "Water House", Markles. Bummer. That was the sweetest letter from the owner. BTW, her name sounds like one of your "Drag name of the Day"s. ;-)

We sold our townhome to Jenna Lynne based on her letter to us. She wrote a nice note about how much she wanted to live in our house and what a nice place it was. Her's was not the highest bid we got, but it was close enough.

The Water House was not meant to be. The right one will come along.