Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What a week!

I wish that meant 'Wow, that week was so good I wished it wouldn't end'. Unfortunately the opposite was true.

Last week was so hectic at work I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown. So much stress and pressure. I fought really hard not to stay at work for 9 and 10 hours a day as I have done in the past. Its just not good for you to do that.

Friday evening I was SO HAPPY to be going home from work! I knew I had done all I could do, and that would just have to be enough. Friday evening we met up with our friends Mike & Clark and Ron & James and we all piled into our Suburban (nick-named Subur-barn) and headed up to the beach!

We had a fantastic weekend! The weather was beautiful so we had a lovely time doing some outlet shopping, people-watching, and walking around in downtown Rehoboth. Saturday night we had a fabulous dinner at Fish On, a real quality restaurant in Lewes.

We did a lot of talking, a lot of joking, and a LOT of laughing! It was exactly what I needed after such a long, hard, stressful week at work. How fortunate we are to have such great friends with whom to relax and unwind!

Tonight is American Idol. There are only 3 contestants left now... speaking of pressure!

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