Wednesday, May 04, 2005

No more Idol predictions

What can I say? Apparently 'America' and I do not have the same taste in singers/performers. My predictions for last week's Idol elimination were totally off. I predicted Scott would go home, but he wasn't even in the bottom three. I predicted Constantine and Carrie would be the final two, but instead, Constantine went home.

So, no more predictions - only commentaries.

I thought Scott did an amazing job last night. He has not been one of my favorites, but I must give him credit for his performances last night. I wonder if Simons' (and my) predictions that he would get sent home last week scared him into pulling out all the stops this week. I was impressed.

Another singer that continues to surprise me is Bo. Honestly, I do not see what everyone else thinks is so great about him. Maybe they like that husky, smokey voice of his, but I don't. I am also annoyed by his frequent, jerking head motions when he sings. Why is that necessary? All the other performers manage to keep their heads from inappropriate movement. Its as if he has turettes or something. I want to put one of those foam collars that people wear after a car accident around his neck.

I thought Spencer's boy Anthony did a good job on his second song last night, but his first one was uninspiring. 'Poison Ivy' was not a good song choice. But he's awfully darn cute and sexy and I wonder how many 13 year old girls and 20 year old gay boys are voting for him for just that reason. :-)

Vonzell continues to do a good job every week. Consistency should be her middle name. Vonzell Consistency Solomon. She's very attractive, has a beautiful voice, and has very natural stage presence. She'll be a star one day.

That leaves Carrie, whom I predicted weeks ago would be the winner. Well, true to my decision tonight to stop predicting, I am not going to say anything else about her chances. Instead, I will say that I think she has the best vocals of them all. And since this IS a singing contest, she should do well.

Tonight is elimination night...

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