Monday, February 07, 2005

Productive, Relaxing, and Fun!

...that's how I'll describe this passed weekend.

Friday night we headed up to the shore. Saturday morning we went over to the old place to remove the last few items and do our final cleaning. We got the ol' place looking pretty good, and then the perspective buyer arrived. She was very nice, and we got along very well right away. In addition to looking at and talking about the LRG, we talked about families, jobs, politics - you name it! We were there with her for 2 hours. She's quite interested and said that if she didn't call us within 2 days with a definite answer, we were to call her. Then she gave us both hugs before she left. So, we're hoping she calls us today or tomorrow. She really seems like the right kind of person to appreciate the unique charm of the LRG. That was the productive part.

Kerry & Hugh met us and we went for a late lunch, then headed back to the new place the four of us own together. This was their first time seeing the place since Joe & I moved all our stuff over from the LRG. After the 'tour', we just hung out for a while, talking and laughing. Then we watched a DVD Kerry had brought called "Clerks". It was pretty good. Then we decided to skip dinner (due to the late lunch) and have dessert at a fancy/trendy New York bistro-ish restaurant nearby. Kerry & Joe had molten chocolate parfaits and Hugh & I had warm bread pudding with caramel sauce. All four of us had coffee. Then, back to the house to watch a little TV, talk, and laugh some more. That was the relaxing part.

Sunday morning Hugh made breakfast: omelets, bacon and sausage, and blueberry muffins. YUM! After lingering over a couple cups of coffee, we got ourselves together. Kerry & Hugh met up with Hugh's cousin for a quick errand, and Joe & I ran a few errands of our own. Then we met up with each other for the Polar Bear Plunge at the beach!

Kerry & Hugh made a $50. donation each to the Polar Bear Plunge, which benefits the Special Olympics. Polar Bears must wear nothing but a bathing suit and run into the ocean, get wet up to the neck, and run back out! Mind you, it was Feb 6, and it was unusually balmy at 48 degrees. The water was only 36 degrees. We'd gotten snow only 3 days prior.

Joe was in charge of their clothes/bags/etc, and I was in charge of the DVD camera. When the announcer said "GO!" I was filming the shrieks and screams as everyone tossed aside their thick terry robes and flip flops and charged into the water. Then came the mad dash back to the implements of warmth. Kerry & Hugh said it was really exciting and fun, so that was the fun part.

After a shower and clean clothes, we had a late lunch of cream of crab soup, crab stuffed cod, crab imperial melts, and fried oysters, and then prepared to head home. Since the Super Bowl was in progress by that time, there was very little traffic on the roads and we made it home without in record time.

It was a great weekend!

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