Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite

This passed weekend Joe & I were joined at the beach by our friends Robert & Liz. Robert was one of my roommates. We lived together in 1987. Robert took the room that had been vacated by my previous roommate Randy. Randy had moved out because he got married to Liz. Fast-forward to 2003, Randy & Liz are getting divorced, Robert is already divorced, and Robert & Liz get together and are married in 2004. Small world, huh?

Although Joe & I had already seen Napoleon Dynamite (see my post of Jan 24), Robert & Liz had not, and I knew it would be a movie they would get a kick out of, so we rented it and watched it at the beach. It was WAY more funny than I had remembered the first time, and as I expected, Robert & Liz loved it.

For the rest of the weekend, we would repeat many of Napoleon's lines from the movie, complete with our best imitation of his peculiar voice inflections.

Napoleon: "Pedro, that's a killer bike."
Pedro: "Thanks."
Napoleon: "Have you taken it off any sweet jumps?"

Grandma: "Napoleon, how was your first day at school?"
Napoleon: "It was the worst day of my entire life; what do you think???"

When feeding the pet Llama, Napoleon: "Come here Tina. Eat some ham!"

Napoleon says to Pedro and Deb at the dance: "So, are you guys having a killer time?"

Then, on the DVD's alternate ending, is the wedding of Napoleon's brother Kip to LaFawnduh where Kip sings: "I love technology.... but not as much as you... but I still love technology... always and forever..."

It was a fun weekend. The Appletinis may have contributed a little too.


Spencer said...

Just dropping in to say hi and have a good weekend!

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