Friday, January 25, 2008

TV shows

I've posted before about all the HGTV & TLC home renovating/decorating/selling shows I love to watch. Old news. Fortunately the writers' strike does not affect these.

But I must admit that there are a few other shows (not many) that I really try not to miss these days. One of them is "Project Runway". I have been watching PR since the very first season (read: before it became popular) and correctly predicted that Jay McCarroll, with his goofy pink hat, would win.

This season I'm voting for Christian, the young, edgy, uber-gay designer. I think his designs are the most creative. Plus I'd love it if he won because that would put another really super-gay person out in the media, pissing off the right wingers.

The show is interesting to me because the designers are always given a theme or inspiration to jump start their creativity, but then they're also given challenges like time and budget constraints under which to work. I find the fashion aspect of the show to be interesting and they always have at least 1, if not more, gay designers. PR also has a LOT less contrived drama than most un-'reality' shows.

My newest favorite show is "Make Me a Supermodel". Normally I wouldn't give a show like this a 2nd thought, because I don't find modeling to be that interesting. Fashion yes; modeling not-so-much. But during the teaser (which Bravo ran at least a thousand times an hour) I saw this ravishing beauty: Ronnie. He's got a fantastic body, symmetrical good looks, AND a sexy voice. A lethal trifecta! Oh, and did I mention that he's openly gay? So now I'm watching "Make Me a Supermodel" every week just to see Ronnie.

In last night's episode the photo shoot and catwalk appearance carried a fetish theme, so all the models were wearing fetish gear. Models were paired up and told to go for "sexual chemistry" rather than posing. The judges intentionally matched up 2 straight female models with each other and 2 straight male models with each other, to push them beyond their comfort zones. They intentionally paired gorgeous gay Ronnie with a female model for the same reason, and he did very well. See for photos and videos.

Crush du Jour: James Denton

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