Friday, January 11, 2008

Politicians' subconscious appeal to the religious?

I don't claim to be 'fashion maven' or even a 'clothes horse' like many of my gay brethren. I did, however, work in several men's clothing stores for over 5 years. I do know a little something about how to dress, what colors go well with others, and appropriate business attire.

Back in the 80s when I was helping suit up business men and the occasional construction worker acting as best man in his brother's wedding, I usually paired a solid navy, charcoal or black suit with with a tie in the burgundy/red family. It just worked. If the suit had a pin stripe or faint plaid, I'd select a tie in a color that matched the stripe or plaid. Men and women alike approved my suit/shirt/time combinations and I was a very successful salesperson.

So I find it peculiar that over the last 7 years or so I've seen our very own president advocate a new fashion trend: the 'Virgin Mary blue' tie. Oh yes, match his tie to the paint chip at Sherwin Williams and you'll find the shade is called 'Virgin Mary blue'.

I don't think I ever suggested or sold a 'Virgin Mary blue' tie in all my years in men's fashion. Yet Dubya, despite all his important duties, has been able to pioneer this 'fresh, new look'. Well, maybe not so much 'new'. The Virgin Mary's been around a while.

Not to appear 'out of touch with the public', Dubya's right hand man Cheney followed suit, so to speak, by representin' in a 'Virgin Mary blue' tie. Then I noticed other politicians copycatting Dubya's fashion forwardness, even Huckabee, who incidentally believes that people with AIDS should be quarantined. I'm not sure the Virgin Mary would agree with him, even if he is wearing her shade.
Initially I thought it was a 'Republican thing'. In my mind I accused them of wearing those 'Virgin Mary blue' ties to appeal to the ultra-religious on a subconscious level. But then I discovered Republican/Independent (depending on which day it is) McCain telling others in this photo "You should believe whatever I say because I'm wearing a 'Virgin Mary blue' tie." (Well, that's probably not exactly what he was saying in this photo, but it fit into my story nicely.)

But the 'Republican thing' theory was quickly shot down when I also found Democrats Obama and Edwards in 'Virgin Mary blue' ties.

But although the 'Republican thing' theory is toast, its sub-theory that ALL politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are attempting to appeal to the ultra-religious on a subconscious level by wearing 'Virgin Mary blue' ties remains alive. Case in point:

Crush du Jour: Ben Cohen (Not a politician, not wearing a 'Virgin Mary blue' tie. I rest my case.)


cb said...

I think that color is mockingly referred to as 'presidential blue'. Candidates need a contrasting color, but red? Red = commie. Yellow = sissy. so does pink. Green = WTF?? Purple = possible, but too attention grabbing. So blue seems to be the best, least shocking option.

Gregory said...

Ben Cohen for president. Totes.

Java said...

Oh yea, can I vote for Ben Cohen in November? Here's a scary thought- which presidential candidate looks best when dressed as Ben Cohen is here? I shudder...

Dennis Wayne Morgan Photography said...

Surprisingly ,or maybe not,the only presidential candidate who hasn't worn a tie of that shade is Hillary.

Bugsy said...

Who knew that there was a color named Virgin Mary blue. Personally, blue is my favorite color!

Love Ben Cohen. He's hot!

RAD said...

Blues my fave color ( blue is for boys!)..I wonder if it has something to do with the colors and what it conveys--or thesy are just all copy cats? Hmmm....In any event...BEN is super hot!