Sunday, January 06, 2008

Putting away Christmas

Today we decided to put away the Christmas decorations. I am never anxious to do this, not because its such a big job (which it is), but because I never seem to get tired of seeing them. I think our Christmas decorations are beautiful and would probably keep them up all year long if it wouldn't cause people to question my sanity.

We started outside by taking off the lights strung along the wrap around porch. Spouse helped me wind them into a wheel shape to keep them from getting tangled. We did the same with all the green artificial garlands that had once graced the windows of the 1st and 2nd stories. Neatly tucking the lights and garlands inside clear plastic zipper bags that once held a comforter and a pillow, we moved inside and undecorated the tree.

Each year there are questions about which ornaments go into which boxes, so this year when we got all the ornaments back into their boxes, we decided to label each box with a color and shape description. This will speed up the undecorating process next Christmas.

We decided to take a break and go for a walk on the boardwalk since the weather was extremely mild. There were lots of walkers with the same idea as us, and everyone seemed to be anticipating spring even though its only the 1st week in Jan. On the way back home we stopped at the car wash so Spouse's car could be cleaned and vacuumed.

When we returned home Spouse watched a little TV and then started making dinner while I dismantled and packed up the tree. Everything was ready to be hauled up the 2 flights of stairs to the attic.

But before taking everything down I decided to snap a few pictures.
You can click on them for larger images.
Here's me trying to be "artsy" by taking close-ups of some of the ornaments.

As you notice, we do not have a 'theme' Christmas tree. Spouse says he likes a tree with every color and every style of decoration, similar to the way a 5-year old might decorate it. And although I think 'theme' Christmas trees are beautiful, I would have too much trouble trying to pick just 1 theme. And then the next year you'd have to buy all new stuff if you chose a different theme.

Here is our mantle decoration.

So, goodbye to Christmas 2007. As usual, you were beautiful.

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Catty Bitch said...

Baby your home is beautifully appointed for the Holidays. You gays should be proud.

RAD Homo said...

Goodbye Christmas( it was lovely!) Hello Gerald!! hubba hubba....

Bugsy said...

Great Pics! The tree, especially the ornaments, look great!

wyocwby said...

I always feel a little bit sad when I put up Christmas. Not that I go overboard or anything -- I had 3 trees this year.