Friday, January 04, 2008

Is it just me?

Is it just me, or was everyone else surprised to learn that financial guru Suze Orman is gay?

I know we've all been waiting for the "official word" on a few other celebs like Anderson Cooper, Jody Foster, and Queen Latifah. I wasn't even suspecting Suze Orman, but when I googled 'Suze Orman gay' I found several resources dating back to Feb 07 with this info. Guess I've been a little out of the gay loop.

Wed night Suze was the guest on Larry King Live, and when asked which presidential candidate she preferred, Suze said she wanted a democrat because they would be most likely to get rid of the estate tax paid by unmarried partners that married people completely avoid.

From the transcript of the Jan 2nd show:

KING: Historically, I thought Republicans helped the economy.

ORMAN: Yes. But, you know, I'm more than just somebody for the economy. I'm somebody for the people. And I have a true belief that, you know, that Senator Clinton or Barack Obama -- Senator Obama -- would be more helpful. Especially for somebody like me. I mean it is -- it is no secret that, you know, I'm in a same sex relationship and have been for a long time. And I would like to see a president give the rights for somebody like me to be able to leave my partner all the money I've accumulated without estate tax.

KING: You can't do that now?

ORMAN: No, I can't do that at all. And nor can any person like that. So I want to hear -- I want to see somebody in office that at least can be a spokesperson for me, that says yes, you can have the exact same rights as everybody else.

KING: Can your partner have any say if you are in a grave health situation as to...

ORMAN: She can, but only because I put all the paperwork in place. And I have copies of that in place. If we didn't have that type of paperwork in place, good luck her even getting into the intensive care unit.

KING: That's a frustrating way to live, isn't it?

ORMAN: It's a real frustrating way to live, especially -- it's no secret, as well, that I'm a very successful woman. I've made a lot of money in my lifetime. And I should be able to leave that money -- as well as, K.T. my life partner, has also made a serious sum of money in her lifetime. Upon our deaths -- you die, you leave your wife billions of dollars. Let's just say you had that. She wouldn't have to pay one penny of estate tax on that. I leave anything over $2 million this year to K.T. estate tax is owed.

She makes an excellent point about why, ideally, gay marriage and, at a minimum, civil unions should be important to ALL gay people, regardless of whether or not they desire to marry. When married people die their legal spouse inherits their money and assets with no penalty. When gay people (who are prevented from marrying) die their partner has to pay estate taxes on the money and assets they inherit, even if they paid for part or some of the assets. This just isn't fair.

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Java said...

I myself don't watch Suze Orman, and didn't realize she's gay. But I'm glad she's out, and I'm very happy about this discussion on Larry King! Good thing to get these issues before the general population.
I like the crush du jour feature. Like the featured fella' today, too!

RAD Homo said...

She is so gay...I know alot of women that have this look and aura--some are married but we always know the hubby is the beard. to each its own...