Thursday, January 03, 2008

Follow up

After finally catching up with all my favorite blogs I realized I never mentioned anything about me & Spouse exchanging Christmas gifts, nor much about New Years Eve. So, time for some follow up.

Christmas present
A few years ago Spouse & I decided not to buy each other gifts anymore for Christmas. It was getting harder and harder to surprise each other with stuff we thought each other really wanted, and there was always the family and friends to shop for. So we decided to buy ourselves a joint gift, usually after Christmas when we could take advantage of the killer sales; something we could pick out together.

One year we got ourselves a digital camera.

Another year we bought our beach house. Well, in truth, we had decided to buy the beach house as an investment/vacation place much earlier in the year, but since the down payment and settlement in Dec drained our disposable income, the beach house wound up being our Christmas present to each other.

This year we went to an art show/sale and decided our Christmas present to each other would be a large, beautiful glass bowl; a one-of-a-kind piece from a local artist. The edges are flared, and the color moves from deep red to orange to caramel. Its quite stunning, due to its shape, color, and size. It sits atop a 1940s wood side table. We like the blending of the modern and the old.

New Years Eve
We were invited to our new friends Randy & Dean's house for New Years Eve, and so were our buddies Rick & Nick. We arrived at 7:00, chatted for a while, then had a delicious dinner of sausage-stuffed shells, salad, and garlic bread, followed by an amazing apple cake and coffee for dessert. More conversation and laughter, including the pros and cons of New Years resolutions, politics, and real estate.

Then before we knew it, it was time to ring in the New Year. With champagne in hand we gathered in the TV room and watched the illuminated ball drop in Times Square. At midnight we raised our glasses, bid each other 'Happy New Year!', sipped our champagne and kissed our partners.

After dropping Rick & Nick at home, we returned to Lewes at 2:30. That's the latest we've stayed out in years, on accounta we're old farts. But we had a great time that night, and slept in the next morning.

Blog feature
I appreciated the comments you guys left regarding the Drag Queen name of the day blog feature. I'm glad you enjoyed it, but as I mentioned, I've run out of names. And since its a new year I'm going to start a new feature.

Crush du Jour will begin today. Just like Drag Queen name of the day, Crush du Jour will not replace content, it will simply be my literary way of waving goodbye at the end of each post. Crush du Jour will show a photo of hot, sexy, handsome, or interesting guy upon which I have a each day. Anyway, I hope you like it.

Crush du Jour: Seann William Scott


Anonymous said...

I've not read a blog or posted in over a month so I missed tje drag queen names but i gotta say, anyway, that my 2 favs that my partner used in a littel movie he did was Tulida Pepsi and Shelita Buffet. :)

Bugsy said...

Love Senn William Scott! <sigh>

Would love to see the bowl you all bought. Perhaps you could use your digital camera to take a picture and upload it to your blog?

Happy New Year!