Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Short subjects

Okay, this is really getting weird. Last night after returning from my work out, showering, and eating dinner, Spouse & I sat down to watch "The Queen" and I began to feel my lip swelling up again. Sure enough, before the DVD was over I had another fat lip. Fortunately this time it wasn't huge, so I didn't look like Angelina Jolie or Amanda Lapore. I looked a little more like Goldie Hawn in "The First Wives Club". I had not taken any acetaminophen for a week, so now I know that wasn't the cause of the allergic reaction. But that makes it even more weird, because everything I had to eat Mon night just before my lip swelled up, was identical to what I ate on Sun night, when I had no reaction at all. We had Sunday's left overs for dinner on Mon! I also did a mental check to see if I'd changed any soap/shampoo/moisturizer products, but found no changes. I'm stumped as to what is causing these allergic reactions.

Monica came through! True to her promise, she sent me more Liqui-Sew and 2 travel 'pens' of Sew on the Go. If I carried a purse I'd stick one of those travel 'pens' in there for quick mends. Maybe I'll give one to a friend who carries a purse.

As I was putting away groceries the other day I suggested to Spouse that we think of some way to use the giant bag of mini-marshmallows (purchased just before Thanksgiving) that was taking up so much room in the cupboard. Spouse suggested making Rice Crispies treats. I reminded him that we didn't have any Rice Crispies cereal, to which he suggested substituting Golden Grahams and Blueberry Muffin cereal for the Rice Crispies. I told Spouse I thought the treats would be too sweet, since Rice Crispies are not pre-sweetened but both cereals we had are pre-sweetened. He decided to try it anyway. The Golden Grahams/Blueberry Muffin treats came out so incredibly sweet, just as I predicted, they almost made my teeth hurt. But we ate them anyway.

American Idol starts tonight. Although I'm a fan of the show, I'm not sure I'll watch all of it tonight, as they always start the series off by showing the auditions, which I'm not that interested in watching. I know for a fact that the American Idol contestants have to go through 5-6 levels of auditioning before getting to sing for Randy, Paula, and Simon. All of the "rejects" should be weeded out by then, but the fact that they show unqualified singers during these audition shows tells me they push them through to Randy, Paula, and Simon in order to have semi-amusing content for these audition shows. I'll probably start watching in earnest once they start with the Hollywood auditions.

Crush du Jour: Steve Callahan


Bugsy said...

Sorry to hear about the allergic reaction. My initial thoughts: 1) The gym is using some new cleanser? 2) Liqui Sew?

RAD Homo said...

Though fat lips are the rage --hope yours gets better soon Goldie...I carry a murse-- I need to get a pen of that goo...