Thursday, January 24, 2008


Its snowing.

When I was walking Jordan this morning I could sense that it was going to snow. You know how you can feel and hear it when its going to snow? Well that's how it was this morning, so it was no surprise when I began seeing the flurries at about 10:00 or so. Shortly thereafter the snow began in earnest.

Because I live near the beach it is always breezy, which is nice in the summer when the breezes help mitigate the heat, but not-so-nice in the winter when the breezes make the cold temps feel even colder. But because it is breezy, the snow isn't 'falling' as much as it is 'whirling by'. As I sit at my desk and look out the windows at the snow swirling around, I imagine this is what it would look like if you were looking out from within a snow globe.
Its been snowing for 4 or 5 hours now, and everything is covered by a thin blanket of white. There is a set of tire tracks on the blanketed street from one of the neighbors who left a few minutes ago. Its really beautiful. I doubt we'll get more than about an inch accumulation, which is fine, because I'm happy just watching it snow. I don't care how much we get.

Jordan the dog and Pouncer the Wondercat both appear to be in a coma. I believe they, too, sensed the coming snow and decided to 'hibernate' today.

Crush du Jour: Levi Poulter


Bugsy said...

I'm just so jealous of Pouncer and Jordan! I would have loved to hibernate!

Love the pic!

tornwordo said...

You can have it. I'm sick of it, lol.

Gregory said...

It's so cold here. AlternaChef is on his way over, and I promised him a night on the town if he wanted it, but I just hope he wants to cuddle and watch a DVD!