Monday, October 01, 2018

Weekend recap

The weather was so beautiful on Sat that after work Spouse and Steven & Thad and I went for a drive. We ended up in Ocean City, MD and had dinner.

Sunday's weather was more of the same mild temperatures, low humidity, and lots of sunshine.  Spouse & I had coffee and talked on the back porch for about an hour, then decided to get busy.  We donned our gardening gloves and trimmed some scrub trees that had grown out from our big holly and from the lace hydrangea that cover the back fence.  Then we trimmed the 'crazy' roses and sprinkled a bunch of Preen on the beds which had just been weeded by a school kid I hired.  The yard looks really good!

We both showered and dressed, then went out for a little lunch.  Spouse's idea was to get food from Taco Bell and take it to the beach parking lot and eat it in the car, overlooking the beach.  (He's a little weird about some things like this.)  Then we went for a little drive near the beach, got air in 1 of the tires on Spouse's car, and then got his car washed.  He never gets his car cleaned so I was happy to do it for him.

We relaxed with the dogs and watched a little TV, then met Steven & Thad for dinner. The weather was still so nice out that we opted for an outdoor table at dinner.  I love to eat outdoors, as long as its not really hot or super humid or buggy.

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Sixpence Notthewiser said...

LOL the eating in the car was cute!