Friday, October 26, 2018

Palm Springs: day 3

On Mon we had breakfast at home, then went to the Sunny Dunes Antique Mall to look at around.  Since our AirBnB didn't have a cocktail shaker or shot glass (we had to make due when making pink grapefruit crushes the day before) Carl decided he'd buy vintage ones to use at the rental house and would also make great keepsakes from our trip.  This place was big and there was so much really cool stuff that after awhile it became a bit of sensory overload.  But Carl found a charming vintage shaker and a cool cocktail shirt!  Here's Carl with the shaker:
You'll see the shirt later.

Next we had lunch at Del Taco.  Now, its not like we go on vacation to eat at chain restaurants, but we don't have Del Taco where we live, and we'd become familiar with it from watching episodes of "Grace & Frankie" on Netflix.  Frankie has asked people to pick her up something from Del Taco, she was late for something because she stopped at Del Taco, and our favorite reference was "I always seem to do my best thinking at Del Taco".  So we had to give it a try!  For being fast food it really was good; better than Taco Bell.
Excited Spouse at Del Taco
"I always seem to do my best thinking at Del Taco"
Next we parked on Palm Canyon Dr and toured a bunch of cool vintage shops.  To our surprise, we saw these 2 serving bowls, displayed together, in the window.
What's so strange about it is that Steven & Thad have the bowl on the left and Spouse & I have the bowl on the right!!!  Only we both have the matching dip bowl and metal clip which make ours' more valuable.

Then we spent some time at home in the pool and spa.  But the sun is so strong here that sometimes you just have to get a break.  I would move from a lounge chair in the sun to a regular chair in the shade.  Spouse decided to seek refuge under a couple of towels instead.

A little later the 3 of us showered and headed out to meet The Dicks.  When we lived in the DC area we had 2 friends named Dick who were a couple.  Once they arrived at our Christmas party and said "The Dicks are here!"  A couple years after we moved to DE The Dicks moved to Rancho Mirage, just outside Palm Springs, so we planned to meet up with them for dinner at Kaiser Grille.  It was nice to see them and to hear about their life here in the desert.
From left to right:  The Dicks, me, Spouse, Carl
The cocktail shirt Carl is wearing in this photo is the one he bought earlier in the day at the Sunny Dunes Antique Mall.  Besides The Purple Room, this was our only other indoor meal the entire week.

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anne marie in philly said...

LOVE the cock-a-tail shirt; looks like a spo shirt!

"the dicks are here" - hee hee hee!