Friday, June 08, 2018

Bras for a Cause

So the Bras for a Cause event did not disappoint!  This year's theme was Mardi Gras so many of the bras were decorated accordingly, while others not.  This guy's bra was made of orange slices!
No, I was not carrying around this parisol.  The model was, and when we posed for a photo he told me to hold it.
Me with Courtney & Ginger
One of the models was my buddy Devon.  I met Devon a couple years ago when he was a bartender at the Blue Moon.  After the bra auction was over he changed into his street clothes and we took this photo.
I tried taking photos of the models during the bra auction but they didn't turn out because they were backlit, which made all my photos dark.
Me and Kaitie
After the event ended a handful of us walked to the bar next door which has a large open air space right on the water.  I really wanted something to eat since the food at the bra event was a bit skimpy so we had food and drinks.
Me and Joey

This group shot was taken just before we all headed home.  From left to right is Kaitie, me, Joey, Brandi, and another of the bra models (Josh?) who had died his beard red to coordinate with his bra and costume.  I love this photo.

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Mistress Maddie said...

You do realize that if Anne Marie was there she'd been hanging the puppies all out!!!! That girl doesn't believe in bras me thinks.

Looks like a fun event!