Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Recently I was showing a vacant, distressed home.  As I approached the home from the parking area I noticed a window with no screen was wide open.  I thought this was odd since I knew the home was vacant.

As I pushed open the door I startled a bird that must have flown in the open window.  The scared bird flew toward me and crapped on my pants!  I LITERALLY scared the shit out of that bird!

My new client arrived a minute later so I had to explain the stain on my pants and we both had a good-natured chuckle over it.

When I returned to my office I tried a tiny dab of liquid soap and a damp paper towel to clean the spot on my pants.  It worked really well, and once the area dried the shit stain was barely visible. Of course the pants will go to the dry cleaners for full removal but at least I didn't have to walk around all day with shit stained pants.

So, how was YOUR day?

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anne marie in philly said...

expect the unexpected. glad the stain came out.