Monday, May 14, 2018


Yesterday Spouse & I decided to do some rug cleaning.  The area rug in the living room had a couple little spots from a bad little dog (Walter), so we began by spot-treating those areas 1st then using our carpet cleaner machine on the full rug.

A few minutes into the spot-treating I noticed a very strong smell.  Typically rug cleaning products have a nice, fresh scent but this smelled the opposite.  I asked Spouse if he noticed the smell too and he immediately said yes.

Then he looked at the bottle he'd been spraying on the rug and said "Oh my god - this is insect killer!" When he'd pulled the bottles out from under the kitchen sink he didn't notice that 1 of them was insect spray.

We hoped that the carpet cleaning machine and solution would wash the insect spray smell out so we continued with our plan of cleaning the full rug with the machine.  But a couple hours later as the rug was drying the smell was definitely still there.  Since the rug wasn't expensive we decided to roll it up and put it in the garage until we could dispose of it.  That chemical smell was too much.

Next we turned our attention to the planting beds.  I pulled some weeds, fixed the landscaping fabric that had become loose due to high wind, and then we spread a couple bags of fresh mulch.  Of course we didn't have enough - isn't that the way it always works? - but it still looks better than it did before.

After dinner Spouse & I were looking at area rugs for the living room on Amazon and found this one in the clearance section:
Its 8'x11' and priced at $149.99 but there was a box to click for a 'coupon' which took off an additional $22.50 so the final purchase came to $127.49 with free shipping since we are Prime members.  Deals like this are why we weren't so upset about having to throw away the previous rug.  It should arrive on Wed.

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anne marie in philly said...

nice rug! I am so allergic to chemical smells.