Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Vacation: Fri

Fri morning the 4 of us had coffee and talked for a while.  One of the Newlyweds went for a run while Spouse & I ran to Walmart.  Since we don't check our bags we couldn't bring any shampoo, moisturizer, shaving cream or deodorant, so we picked up those things and some miscellaneous snack foods.  Interestingly we noticed several people brought their dogs into the store, on leashes of course.  These weren't service dogs with their marked harnesses; they were just pets.  Being a dog lover I   didn't mind this, but I can imagine it might be an issue to people who are afraid or allergic to dogs.  Coincidentally we ran into a friend from DE in the Walmart in Palm Springs!

Upon returning to the house we slipped into our trunks and enjoyed some time in the pool.  

Then the 4 of us drove into town and had a late lunch at the popular Sherman's Deli.  
A friend had recommended it to me and we found the food to be really good.  Every restaurant has outdoor seating so we made a point to request it whenever possible.  I took this photo of my handsome husband using the portrait mode on my iPhone while waiting for our lunches.
We were too full to order any of the AMAZING looking desserts in the dessert case so we made a mental note to come back specifically for that. 

Palm Springs used to be called Hollywood's Playground since many celebrities owned homes here to get away from the hubbub and paparazzi of Hollywood.  We pulled up a list of celebrity's homes on our phone, most of which were in an enclave called Movie Colony, and drove by them.  Many were barely visible due to the high fences and tall hedges, but it was fun to think of Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Dean Martin, Liberace, Barry Manilow and others having spent 'down time' here. 

Later that evening we went to happy hour at Wang's.  We were surprised how full it was for 6:00 but as we soon learned, the nightlife happens much earlier in Palm Springs than in most areas.  Next we walked over to Hunters nightclub for another drink and a little dancing. This guy was selling shots and I couldn't resist snapping a photo of his curvy booty.
Then we had a seat on their patio and talked while enjoying the mild night air.  

Across the street there was a stretch of small stores that looked interesting.  This one immediately made me think of Sean.
Next door at Rough Trade Gear I saw this t-shirt which really made me laugh!
While I don't support anyone calling anyone a faggot (including gays), I do think its funny that this shirt attempts to reclaim the inflammatory word, associating it with power.  I was tempted to buy it, but really couldn't imagine myself wearing it at home.

Then around 8:30 we walked over to Maracas Cantina for a late Mexican dinner.  Although the sun was down and it was cooler, all the restaurants have overhead heaters to warm up the outdoor dining areas so it was very pleasant.

It was a full, fun day!


anne marie in philly said...

"This guy was selling shots and I couldn't resist snapping a photo of his curvy booty." - I'd buy a shot AND his bod!

nice pix of spouse. I'd probably drool watching all the bears in the "bear wear" shop!

Breenlantern said...

Sounds like a fun time! Thanks for thinking of me :-)