Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Tonight I'm going to 2 Christmas parties.

The 1st one is my company Christmas party, where they reserve the entire restaurant just for us, with great food and an open bar.  Spouse usually goes with me, but I'm not sure he's going tonight since he's been having trouble with his back/hips and the standing may be too much.

The 2nd one is the Blue Moon employees and entertainers party.  The owners will close the restaurant and bar to the public so the restaurant and bar employees, owners, and the entertainers like me can all enjoy a buffet dinner, open bar, and a Chinese gift exchange where you can pick a wrapped gift or 'steal' a gift already unwrapped by someone else.  

Of course I'll have to drink in moderation since I probably won't have Spouse to drive me home.  But that's fine; I don't like hang-overs.  

It will be a fun and festive night!


anne marie in philly said...

sounds like fun at BOTH places! you are such a party animal! ;-b

Fearsome Beard said...

We typically have three parties we attend every year. Alas things change and so do parties. One is cancelled due to aging parental health on the east coast and the need to be there, another is cancelled due to host "just not feeling it" this year and the third was cut to a "smaller group" and we didn't make the cut. So the only party we will be attending is the one at our house on Christmas Day. This years motto is "if you really want to be invited to a party then throw one!"