Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Final party

I mentioned last week that I was going to my company's Christmas party and the Blue Moon's employee/entertainers party on the same night.  Both parties were very nice.  I tried not to eat or drink too much at the 1st party so it wouldn't be obvious at the 2nd party that I'd already eaten/drank.  

Here's me in front of the tree at the 2nd party of the evening, at the Blue Moon:
I'm feeling a little fat in this photo, but at least everyone liked my shirt!  Seriously, I got a bunch of compliments at both parties on my shirt.  At this party we had a Chinese gift swap where you can 'steal' a gift already opened or open a wrapped one.  I opened a bottle of Hornitos tequila and was very happy no one 'stole' it!

Then this week my team had our team Christmas dinner and Secret Santa gift exchange in the party room of a local restaurant.  We post a list in advance with everyone's names so people can write gift suggestions for their Secret Santa.  Only, the person I was to buy for wrote that they wanted to be surprised, so I gave her a gift basket with bath/body products in it.  I received a nice variety pack of thank you notes (on my list) and this wonderful Chihuahua wall calendar:
Although my boys do not do this, I love that the dog in the cover photo is winking! 

This was the last of the Christmas parties for me, although we'll have a birthday party for Spouse's mom on her birthday, on Dec 24.  Tomorrow night we're leaving to spend the holidays with our family (staying at Spouse's sister's house) and will also meet up with several dear friends while we're in town.


anne marie in philly said...

OMB, sassybear would also enjoy that calendar!

you are NOT fat (cutie man) and I know the exact spot where the blue moon pix was taken!

Fearsome Beard said...

Just ask my 55lb Shepard.