Friday, November 06, 2015

Montreal road trip: part III

Sun morning Serge had school again so Tornwordo Spouse & I met for breakfast at Les Belles Soeurs (Pretty Sisters) because Tornwordo likes the bagels there.  I was amazed by the restroom which was cylindrical in shape and had an 'under the sea' theme.
Then the 3 of us hopped in the car and headed out of the city.  We drove about 1 1/2 hours to Mont Tremblant, an attractive ski resort.
Mont Tremblant

Just over Spouse's shoulder you can see the ski lift which we planned to ride to the top of the mountain.  Unfortunately it was not operating that day.
The ground floor is retail and commercial space and the upper floors are hotel rooms and timeshares
The ski resort kinda has a Disney World look to it, but I liked it anyway.  At least its better than big boxy hotels.

One of the vendors sold a delicious confection called a Beavertail.  Its a light crust with any variety of toppings to choose from.  We decided to share one.

Ours had Nutella, peanut butter sauce, and Reese's pieces - so good!
We continued exploring the area and saw these adorable ski chalets nestled into the side of the mountain...
and stopped briefly at a casino to use the restroom.  While inside I saw this cool glass-enclosed fireplace and made Spouse pose next to it.

Once back in Montreal we met up with Serge for happy hour at Le Stud and then had dinner at La Baracke where we had the cutest waiter, Kevin!
Group shot with Kevin

Spouse & Tornwordo

Serge & me
After dinner we returned to Tornwordo & Serge's house to visit for a while before returning to our little studio.

Mon morning Spouse & I visited the famous Tim Horton's, which reminded us of Dunkin Donuts.  The coffee was good and the maple-glazed donut was delicious!
Spouse & I set off on foot again to continue exploring.
Notice the rainbow flag and same-sex ads on this TD bank
One of the places I wish we had more time to explore was Parc La Fontaine.  Its large and beautiful with ponds and benches and trees.  It was designed by the same architect that designed Central Park in NYC.  Spouse & I enjoyed relaxing there and watching the people and wildlife.
Spouse in Parc La Fontaine

Selfie at Parc La Fontaine
After Tornwordo finished his class he met us for lunch at L'Oeufrier and then we went to the underground city.  Many of the government offices and hotels in the downtown area are connected by a network of underground shops, eateries and businesses.  Even the metro and train are connected there.
Underground city train station
Tornwordo returned home and Spouse & I returned to our little studio to rest up a bit and change clothes.  Then the 4 of us went to dinner at Pintxo for tapas.  Tornwordo had previewed the menu and noted several items we should try, so Spouse & I decided to let him order for the 4 of us.  We started with cocktails of course.

The food was unusual but really good.  I'd never tried liver patte, foie gras, carpaccio or black pudding before and asked them not to tell me what they were until after I'd sampled them!  It was a great meal and we had a really fun time.
Serge & Spouse at Pintxo

Tornwordo & me

Spouse & me take a selfie at Pintxo
And because it was our last night in Montreal, we went back to 1000 Grammes for the 3rd time to have cake!  Tornwordo & Serge came with us this time to experience what we'd been raving about.

Tornwordo & Serge were so generous with their time during our visit!  They gave us a map to help us navigate the city, accompanied us on most of our explorations, and shared their knowledge of Montreal.  We ate dinner together every night and had breakfast or lunch together nearly every day.  What great tour guides and wonderful friends they've become!

The next morning we packed up the car, set the GPS for home, and hit the road at 9am.  With a 15-minute wait to cross the border and 3 brief stops for food, gas, and bathroom, we got home at 7pm.  It was a really fun trip but we were happy to see Marvin & Walter when we got home.


anne marie in philly said...

mont tremblant looks like a pretty swiss village.

and DAMN - all y'all make interesting couple combinations. throw kevin the bartender in the mix and...

you guys had a wonderful vacation and I KNOW the puppies were happy to see their daddies again! thanks for sharing the good times!

Unknown said...

I love Tremblant... I have been twice for business trips when I worked in ski industry... though one time I did end up in a hospital overnight in Montreal... the long ride in back of ambulance was not fun... I had some kind of allergic reaction to clamato bloody mary... not good... but otherwise it is a beautiful resort, especially when covered in snow... enjoy your travels

Kevin said...

ahhh, the beavertail! interesting topping combo, but the classic is plain butter and cinnamon sugar.

dang. now i want one.

Ur-spo said...

oh such lovely photos
OH for a TH !
I can do without the beavertail though; looks nasty high-calorie.