Monday, January 26, 2015


On Sat Spouse & I did a little shopping.  I needed a baby gift for some clients/friends who recently had their 1st child.  Found a great gift for a great price at HomeGoods.

I also needed some shoes.  I was looking for something not as dressy as a hard sole dress shoe, but not as casual as a Sketcher shoe.  A middle-of-the-road shoe is just what I need for the Dockers-style pants I wear to work most days.

1 of the stores we looked in was the Bass outlet/factory store.  I'm a rather picky shopper and never buy anything that isn't at least on sale, if not on clearance, so I was delighted to find not 1 but 2 pairs of shoes I liked in my size on clearance.
On the left is an updated wingtip in black with a grey plaid inset.  On the right is a tan saddle shoe with dark brown suede.  I normally wear size 10 but these were a little snug so wound up getting size 10 1/2.  They fit great and are very comfortable.

The shelf label claims the "regular price" was $160. for each pair, but were on "clearance" for $29.99.  That's more than 80% off.  While I'm skeptical that these shoes ever actually sold for $160. I felt that $29.99 was a very, very good price for these shoes.  Score!

So I bought both pairs.  I figure I'll wear the black ones with my navy and grey pants and with jeans, and I'll wear the tan ones with my various shades of khaki pants.


anne marie in philly said...

if you EVAH buy white bucs and start crooning pat boone tunes, I will claim not to know you! ;-)

Bob said...

I love the wingtips--love the plaid--but, um, you can keep the saddle shoes; cute, but so not me.

Anonymous said...

Nice, I like both pairs!!!


Java said...

I disagree with Bob. I think the saddle shoes are spiffy!

MAC said...

Shoes are my weakness... I'm crazy over the black ones!

Biki Honko said...

Those black shoes are mighty fine, mighty fine. I'd wear those in a heart beat! And the price! Great screaming deals, the price is beyond wonderful no matter how much they originally sold for.

Harpers Keeper said...

I think both pairs are terrific....argyles??