Friday, January 09, 2015

Crazy cold weather

Last Sun we had a high temperature of 68 degrees.  Wearing just hoodies we took the dogs for a nice walk.

Then 48 hours later, on Tues, it snowed (lightly) for a few hours.

Wed & Thurs it was bitterly cold, with the high temperature only in the 20s.  This was Walter's 1st time seeing snow.  Our poor doggies hardly want to stay outside long enough to do their business.  Tomorrow's high is predicted to be only 23 degrees, with an overnight temperature in the low teens.

While this may not seem "all that cold" to those of you who live in MN, NY, or OH, it is most certainly unseasonably cold for DE.

Here in the southern part of the state, by the coast, we are used to more moderate winter temperatures.  We aren't used to snow.  No one knows how to drive in snow.  We don't have equipment to move the snow when we get it.  Schools will open late or close early with just the forecast of snow.

Being close to the water also means that we have a fair amount of breeze/wind here, which make these bitter temperatures feel even colder. 

And thank god for heated seats in the cars!


Mistress Maddie said...

I think the winter is very pretty and love all the seasons, but I hate the cold. I even have larger balls, and hell, I won't even see those till spring!!!!!!!!!!!

anne marie in philly said...

good thing it's not YOUR balls! ;-)

the mistress is bragging, methinks.

this cold snap is so damn rough on my asthma...

MAC said...

We're experiencing the same here in South Texas... minus the snow. We ain't used to this! Have a warm weekend!

Bob said...

We had that same weather here in Smallville. Last Sunday we un-decorated the house in shorts and t-shirts ... by Thursday the high was 19-degrees!

Ur-spo said...

heated car seats? who knew?
I would like AC seats rather.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - it's been pretty chilly up here in RI too. Had to wear the parka for a few days. First day I had it all zipped and buttoned. Second day not so much. Third day the same.

Biki Honko said...

It's been crazy cold in Arizona as well! It was 28 one night! Crazy weather!

cb said...

Yeah, I don't wanna hear you moaning about "cold".