Monday, December 08, 2014

Weekend recap: Birthday edition

I sent this graphic to my friend Marty who had a birthday last week.  It is only too true, as most people have barely swallowed their last bite of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving before diving right into Christmas.  My birthday on Dec 7 usually has competition from Christmas parades, holiday parties, and the like.

On Sat I worked, as usual.  My colleague and friend Dawn gave me this adorable coffee mug for my birthday, since neither of us would be in the office on Sun, my actual birthday.  Its perfect!
Click to enlarge the photo to read the inscription. 

Sun morning we had my birthday breakfast at the Crystal restaurant, with Steven & Thad and Joe P.  Our favorite waiter got everyone's attention in the crowded restaurant and encouraged them to sing 'Happy birthday' to me, and I was presented with a pancake with a face drawn on it with whipped cream, and 2 blueberries as eyes.  We ate and talked and laughed.

Sun afternoon was quiet at our house.  Spouse came down with a cold on Fri and wasn't feeling very good by Sun afternoon, so he took a huge nap while I read blogs, surfed the internet, and set up our 4' Christmas tree.
As you can see, we did not put up our big Christmas tree this year.  Spouse didn't want to have a tree trimming party and I didn't want to decorate it by myself, so we decided to use our smaller, pre-lit tree.  Plus, having this smaller tree up on a table keeps it away from the curiosity of Walter.

Sun night Spouse & I went to Dos Locos with Steven & Thad and Joe P for my birthday dinner.  As usual, our food was delicious and we ate and talked and laughed even more.  After dinner we went to Steven & Thad's house for birthday cake and coffee.  

Spouse & I don't give each other birthday presents anymore.  After this many years, we have everything we need and most of what we want.  When there's something special we want, we usually don't wait for a birthday to get it for ourselves or each other.  For our 50th birthdays we gave each other trips.  

All in all, it was a nice, low-key birthday.

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anne marie in philly said...

that's about the size of my tree also; just enough for 2!

glad you had a nice birthday!