Saturday, July 12, 2014


This evening Spouse & I had dinner with Steven & Thad and Joe P, and then headed to a local watering hole to celebrate our friend Bryan's birthday.  He turned 50!  There were lots of people there that we knew and it was fun to see so many friends all in 1 place.

Now we're waiting for our weekend guests to arrive.  Our dear friends Kerry & Hugh are coming with an uncertain number of other mutual friends for the weekend.  Their plan is to go to the beach tomorrow (while I'm working) and then see me perform as Elton John in the LEGENDS show.

I'm sure I will have some stories to report on Monday!


Ur-spo said...

happy birthday to him!

anne marie in philly said...

another person takes the big jump into middle-age! lovely cake!

now you behave yourself this weekend; I would not want to see any scandalous pix come across the net! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I would LOVE to see you perform as Elton John! He's been my hero since about Madman Across the Water (1970). When he came out, I about sh!t myself. My gaydar had been pinging about him for years (I was 17 in 1976), and then in '88 when he finally finalized his gayness, it was bloody awesome!

Hope I get the chance some day!
Oh, and happy 50th to Bryan!

Peace <3