Friday, May 17, 2013

Small world

Last night I went to sing karaoke at the Blue Moon, as I often due on Thurs nights.

The mistress of karaoke, Mona Lotts, introduced me to a guy named Scott who was visiting from Phoenix.  Just to kind of 'make conversation' with this visitor who didn't know anyone, I casually said that I went to high school with a guy who now lives in Phoenix and works as a bartender at a gay bar.  I knew this from his facebook posts.

Scott asked the name of the bar and I said it had the work "pump" in it.  Scott immediately said "Oh, the Pumphouse", to which I said "Yes, that's it."

Scott explained that the Pumphouse had closed down a little while back but said he knew many of the guys who worked there.  He asked my old high school friend's name so I told him.  Lo and behold, he said he was very good friends with my old high school friend!  Today I sent my friend a message through facebook and told him about meeting Scott the night before.  

Small world...

Later that same night, a very nice 'mature' gentleman and his boyfriend/spouse/husband complimented me on my singing, so we got into a brief conversation.  I asked them where they were from and the 'mature' gentleman said they lived in DC, but that he was originally from Cumberland.  I asked if he meant Cumberland, MD and he said yes.  
I told him that my grandparents lived in Cumberland their entire lives (they lived to be 77 and 81) and that I spent many a summer there.  My parents would spend a weekend with my grandparents and leave me there for a week or 2, then come spend another weekend with my grandparents and take me home.  It was great because I was raised in the suburbs but my grandparents lived in the country.  They had a huge vegetable garden and a creek in their back yard that my cousins and I would swim in.  I told him my grandfather sold insurance until he retired, and then worked part-time at an orchard.

The 'mature' man asked my last name and when I told him, he said "Oh, that sounds very familiar.  I'm sure our families know each other somewhere along the line."  What a funny coincidence to run into someone who knew Cumberland so well, visiting Rehoboth Beach!  

Small world...

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anne marie in philly said...

we are all interconnected in some small way.