Monday, May 06, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

Last evening we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Steven & Thad and Joe P at Dos Locos.

Their large margaritas were only $3.50 so of course I had to have 2.  The food was terrific as usual and we had a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

Well you celebrated in the right place! Love Dos Locos!

There will always be good memories of meeting you, and so many others on that wonderful bloggerpalooza weekend!

But it's funny how we celebrate the Day of the Dead with debauchery! HAHAHAHA

Peace <3

anne marie in philly said...

next year's blogger event, todd and I tag along to dos locos! we already picked out the food we want to try!

the cajun said...

Glad you enjoyed the food and fun. Seriously, the restaurant was packed from 11:15am on Friday (note: we're not due to open til 11:30, but they were pulling on the door or waiting on the benches!) until around 11PM Sunday. And a good time was had by all.

Sorry I missed you guys, but I only work days as daytime manager. I turn into a pumpkin at 5pm.