Monday, January 14, 2013

Mogul mobile

As a realtor I often drive clients in my car.  

"My car" is actually a little Mercedes Benz SLK 230, a 2-seater convertible which is not at all conducive to real estate.  So on days that I have appointments with clients I switch with Spouse and drive "his car", a 4-door Chrysler PT Cruiser.  For the most part this arrangement has worked out satisfactorily, although there have been a few glitches.  

But the PT Cruiser doesn't quite convey the successful realtor image I wish to portray so I'd been considering a luxury vehicle that quietly indicates my success without banging them over the head with it like a cast iron skillet.

I'd communicated my preferences to my friend Bryan who is the owner of a used car dealership nearby and he's been keeping an eye out for me.  He called me to tell me about "the perfect mogul mobile" he'd just scored at the auction. I'm far from being a real estate mogul but the compliment was nice anyway.  

What can I say other than 'its perfect'.

Its a silver 2006 BMW X5 with all-wheel drive, panoramic moon roof, leather interior, and a kickin' sound system.  I love it, love it, love it!

I really like the engineering and thought processes behind BMW.  

When the intermittent windshield wipers are on and you come to a stop, the wipers stop.  This prevents that dry rub sound while you're stopped at a traffic light.  The wipers resume when you resume driving.  

The front seat cushions AND seat backs are heated.  My old BMW and my current Mercedes don't have heated seat backs, although both were older models.

Once you lock or unlock the vehicle with the remote the vehicle makes no more sounds or light flashes if you hit the same button again.  

When you remove the key from the ignition the steering wheel automatically raises up for ease of exiting the vehicle.  

When you put the transmission in reverse, the passenger door mirror tilts down so you can see the pavement behind you, preventing you from backing over objects or people.

The ride is a perfect balance of luxury and feeling the road, and the acceleration is definitely there when you want it.

No more swapping cars with Spouse.  I've got my real estate mogul mobile.


anne marie in philly said...

geeze! so did you trade in the mercedes? or are youse guys a 4 car family now? give marvin parker a car too!

cb said...

Well WELL! Real estate must be going decently for you Mr. Fancy Car!