Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend highlights

As usual, on Sat I worked. A couple whom I'd shown property to a few months ago returned. Their house in MD is under contract now so they were ready to resume their house hunt here in DE. I showed them 4 homes they'd viewed online, but they were not very forthcoming with feedback. I sort of had to ask them directly "what did you think of that home?" which is unusual since most clients normally speak their minds as they are walking through the homes. That night we ditched 'the family' and had dinner with Steven & Thad. After dinner we tried to go to boardwalk for a sweet treat but the traffic on the Ave. was just too bad. So instead we got ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery outside of town. I got Birthday Cake Remix, which is cake batter ice cream with sprinkles, fudge, and a brownie all mixed in. It was deliciously decadent.

Sun I was supposed to be off work and Spouse & I were to go with Steven & Thad to Ikea, Trader Joe's, and King of Prussia Mall. However, my clients from Sat called me Sat evening and requested a 2nd showing on Sun morning of 1 of the homes I'd shown them. Additionally I had a few others to tell them about, so I had to let Spouse and Steven & Thad go on the day trip without me. After the 2nd showing my clients finally divulged to me how much they liked the home and decided to write an offer on it. By the time it was written up, explained, signed, and double-checked, it was after 2pm. I was starved so I grabbed a quick lunch, went home to change clothes, and headed to the beach. It was almost 4pm when I got there but I did run into a few friends so I had someone to talk to most of the time. I left at 5:45 when I learned that Spouse was home. He was VERY happy to hear about the offer on the house. That evening we had dinner with 'the family' at the Green Turtle. I wore my new t-shirt that Spouse and the kids got me in Wildwood on Thurs: I don't know why I think its so funny, but I do! After dinner we drove into Rehoboth Beach so the kids could have some fun playing boardwalk games. It was a gorgeous night so Spouse's mother and I enjoyed sitting on a boardwalk bench watching people. Then we returned home and had a slice of Dairy Queen ice cream cake (for Spouse's upcoming birthday) on the screened porch. It was a lovely end to the family's visit.


Ron said...

We all have a T-shirt that strikes us a certain way. When I was working a The Hampton Inn in Lionville, PA with my co-worker Heather (both of use at the front desk) we got to laughing about a T-shirt that she was wearing under her uniform that said:

"Your village called. They're missing an idiot."

Picture us, trying to check in the forty of so guests due in that night knowing she had that T-shirt under her uniform. My mouth hurt at the end of that shift trying to keep a straight face after seeing some of our guests!

tornwordo said...

But wait? Was the offer accepted? A belated happy happy to spouse from me too.