Sunday, November 01, 2009

Addition update - week 20

Week 20
This is the last installment of the addition updates, as this week the addition was finished!
Mon: Mike the builder came for a mini walk-thru to check for any missing final touches. He also put the hooks on the shelf towers.

There are 2 of these double hooks on each side of both of the shelf towers. These will hold robes and clothes you don't want to fold or hang.

Tues: Mike installed a 3rd corner shelf in the shower for use as a place to prop my foot.

Wed: Mike the builder sent over a cleaning crew since there was so much construction dust. They did not clean the entire house, but did more than 1/2 of it, which was really helpful. The masonry crew began breaking up the original stamped concrete driveway. They got about 1/3 of it done.

Thurs: Jay fixed one of the tub handles which the cleaning crew found to be loose. He & Junior removed the last of the tools from the garage.

Fri: Jay & Junior finished up the last of the interior and exterior touch-up painting, remounted the towel bar more securely, and installed the deadbolt on rear door of the garage.
With the exception of the original driveway, the addition project is complete!

On the ground level there is a 16' wide, 23' long garage. Above the garage is the extension of the master bathroom and the closet/dressing area. Care to go on a tour?

From the master bedroom looking into the bathroom:
We re-used the vanity, sinks, and mirror in their original locations.
To the right of the vanity is the walkway into the rest of the bathroom:
As you walk through the walkway there is a toilet closet (with pocket door) on the right:
We re-used the toilet and tissue holder from the original bathroom.
On the left, built into the eave, is a custom-built display/storage shelf:
Under the 3 windows is a 2-person heated/jetted jacuzzi tub:
To the right of the tub is the 2-person tiled shower room. This view shows the 'rain' shower head that extends down from the ceiling:
This view shows the 2nd shower head which has a removable, hand-held sprayer. This will make cleaning the shower tile more convenient, too.
To the right of the shower is the 'his and his' closet/dressing room. Both sides have a 7' tall shelf tower, an 8' long rod for hanging clothes, an 8' long shelf above the rod, and a 7' long shoe shelf underneath the hanging area. This is my side:
This is the center section. The door leads to storage space under the eave.
This is Spouse's side. On the wall opposite of Spouse's hanging area you can see another shelf. It is for wallets, watches, etc. Underneath it is space for dirty clothes hampers. The idea is for this to be a dressing/undressing room where all of our clothes will be centralized.
On the far right (above) are several hooks for belts.

That's it - its finally done! We are so happy with the finished project. It turned out exactly how we planned it. And now that its clean, we are ready to move in.

I hope you have enjoyed following this project with me. It has been educational for me to witness and interesting to share with you. Just in case you want to see it all over again from start to finish, click on the "addition" tag at the end of this post or on the left side of the blog and you will see all addition posts and photos.

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Anonymous said...

So about 5 months and the project looks great. BTW, that closet? I live with a clothes horse. That one closet would barely be enough for him! I'm serious.

anne marie in philly said...

GORGEOUS! I am soooooo fave part is the shower!

Peter Maria said...

Congrats! It looks lovely. I'm sure it will add to your enjoyment of your home, and also add to the resale value if you ever want to move.

Bugsy said...

Looks very nice! I bet you are happy its done!

Stephen said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!
I thought at one point this would become like the Winchester Mystery House! Beautiful & just in time for the holidays.
I bet you will miss the crew, if not their paychecks.

How was the wedding?

Java said...

Oh, you got your foot prop shelf! I'm thrilled for you! And I really mean that, too.

The whole thing looks terrific. Congratulations. When do you guys move into the new closet and bath?

I have had so much fun watching the whole process. Thanks for sharing it.

Joy said...

This has been great! I've enjoyed watching the progress and just love the finished project. May we have a tour of the whole house sometime?

Angel said...

what a fantastic job!!! this has been amazing, and thanks for including all of us in it. Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the tub, the shower room...the tile, the stupid hooks to hang a robe!!! Love everything!!!


tornwordo said...

It's been fun following you guys with this project. Looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I'm officially jealous!

Steven said...

Congratulations on reaching completion! It looks great and I hope you are able to enjoy for years to come. I sooo love that "foot propper" in the shower. :-)

RAD said...

wow it all looks fantastic!!!

Rick said...

Oh man everything looks awesome! I love the contrasting tiles. The entire color scheme is very nice. I love the private water closet and would love even more to be held up in there with Mr. Pagan. :)