Monday, April 23, 2007

Promise kept

Mother Nature kept her promise: spring finally arrived. (These beautiful, huge tulips belong to a neighbor.)

Fri was a pretty day: sunny and temperatures in the upper 60s. Sat was a gorgeous day: sunny and temperatures in the mid-70s. Sun was another spectacular day: sunny and a high temperature of 79. Today it is sunny with a current temperature of 81. I love it!

Fri when Joe came home from work we went for a walk before dinner. We walked the 2 blocks to the 'main' street of Lewes, crossed the canal bridge, and walked the 1/2 mile to the bay. We sat on a bench and looked out at the water, gulls, and the ferry approaching the depot. Then we walked back home. It was about 1 1/2 miles round trip. After dinner we went to the grocery store and did our weekly shopping. Then Joe made banana nut muffins for our neighbors across the street, since Barb's mother was visiting and Jim had been working on a new picket fence mailbox center to include our mailbox. More about that including a photo tomorrow.

Sat morning we drove around checking out yard sales. Lord knows we don't need any more furniture or household items! We just find it fun to look. Also, since we really want to get bikes we thought we might find some at yard sales, but not that day. Then we drove into Rehoboth and walked down to the boardwalk. It was such a beautiful day there were a lot of folks on the boardwalk. As we walked the entire length of it and back we saw several people on the beach with their chairs and books and magazines. Including the walk to and from car/boardwalk, that walk about about 2 1/2 miles. On the way home we stopped at KMart to look at bikes and the dollar store to pick up a few essentials. When we returned home we ate lunch on the screened porch. Jordan and Pouncer were on the porch with us and we chuckled as we watched Pouncer's reactions to all the unusual sounds. Since his front claws were removed he never goes outdoors. Being on the screened porch is the closest thing he gets to being 'outside'. After lunch we took Jordan for a walk around the pond in the park near our house. That walk is probably 1/2 a mile. Later that afternoon we walked the 2 blocks to the 'main' street in Lewes again, where Joe got a piece of chocolate from the chocolate shop and we strolled up and down some of the streets looking at homes and yards. We had dinner on the screened porch, watched some TV, and then got ready to go out.

Our friends Doug & Jim from VA had called earlier and we'd accepted an invitation to meet them at Cloud 9 in Rehoboth at 9pm for drinks. Shortly after we arrived a group vacated a table with 4 stools so we promptly took over the table. We hadn't seen Doug & Jim in several months so it was great to see them and get caught up. We had a great time and stayed until almost 12:30.

Sun we went back to Rehoboth to walk the boardwalk again. Since it was even warmer than the day before, we saw lots of folks on the beach in the swimsuits! Nobody was in the water though, so I'm sure it was just too cold. Upon returning home we had lunch on the screened porch, then decided to clean the white wooden rockers on the front porch. Armed with paper towels and a spray bottle, we sprayed and wiped down all 4 chairs, then sat in them and rocked in the shade. A dog walker passing by looked at us and said "You look like you could be selling porches." Joe took Jordan for a walk around the pond while I picked up sticks that had fallen from the trees during last week's Nor'easter. We had dinner in front of the TV.

It was such a beautiful weekend, and I had been looking forward to spring's arrival for so long that we really tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible. In doing so we both got a little too much sun, despite having put on sunscreen. But it was worth it!

Drag Queen name of the day: Ginger Bread

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tornwordo said...

Yeah, it was beautiful here too. Still is, if a bit chilly.