Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Newlywed's visit

I was super-excited all last week in anticipation of the Newlywed's visit!

Michael & Jamie (aka: the Newlyweds) arrived shortly after 10:00 Fri night. We showed them around the house and then sat in the living room and talked until almost 2am. They told us all about their vacation/scouting trip to Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. They really 'clicked' in Portland and feel that is where they will relocate later this year.

Sat morning after a light breakfast we went to a flea market at the Seaside Nature Center inside Cape Henlopen Park. I'd been seeing signs for it for all over town for about 2 weeks, so I thought it was going to be really good. The Newlyweds love flea markets too, but it turned out to be quite disappointing; only about 4 tables with mostly junk on them. Not that we were looking to buy anything anyway, but we were hoping for something bigger and better considering all the advertising.

Afterward we drove through the park a little, then got out and walked on the beach a little. It was bright and sunny, although chilly. Michael & Jamie had brought their kites so they quickly put them together and we tried flying their kites for a while. The wind was great, but our kite navigation abilities were limited. It was fun anyway.

Then we had lunch in Rehoboth, browsed a few of the shops, walked on the boardwalk, and returned home. We talked in the living room until almost 8, then went to the Miltonian Pizzeria & Wing House for dinner. We watched the comedy show 'Wisecrack' on the Logo channel from 10-11 and then went to bed.

Sun morning it was raining and very windy as we began feeling the effects of the Nor'easter, so it was great to have a leisurely breakfast of pancakes, bacon, juice, and coffee. We all showered and then just before noon we went to some of the outlet stores. Michael was looking for a rain jacket in anticipation of moving to Portland. All that shopping worked up our appetites so we had lunch at La Tolteca followed by ice cream from Dairy Queen, which we ate in the car looking out at the bay.

When we returned home they packed up and left shortly before 5. It was really great to visit and catch up with them. I'll really miss seeing them when they move to Portland. Joe & I will visit them, but not as often as we're used to seeing each other.

Joe talked to his mom and sister on the phone and surfed the internet while I watched TV. I watched a DVD from Netflix of a PBS show about the creation of the Tupperware company. (Joe had seen it already.) It was really interesting and had lots of vintage footage. We watched the Sopranos, Mind of Mencia, and the new episode of Reno 911, then went to bed.

As I sit here typing I can hear the wind still whipping around outside, and our dog Jordan is snoring. Don't you wish your life was hot like mine?

Drag Queen name of the day: Rhoda Letter

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